I am a fifth year PhD student at the Economics Department at Stanford University
My research focuses on Experimental and Behavioral Economics

Please reach me at garrieta[at]stanford.edu

See the projects I am currently working on below!


Working Papers

  • Caring to Work or Working to Care: The Intra-Family Dynamics of Health Shocks

    with Gina Li

    We seek to understand how the labor market decisions of the family adjust in response to plausibly exogenous health shocks. Family members might work less to provide caregiving, or work more in response to medical expenditures and loss of income by the ill individual. We use records of emergency department (ED) visits and hospitalizations to empirically determine the size of these effects. Using ED events we find evidence of intra-family insurance. By exploring how insurance varies by the severity of the health shock, we find that family labor supply responses decrease as the caregiving need increases.

Work In Progress

  • Red or Blue Pill? A Positive Welfare Analysis

    with Lukas Bolte

  • Procedural Paternalism

    with Muriel Niederle and Kirby Nielsen

  • Paternalistic interventions by Certified Financial Planners

    with Sandro Ambuehl, Bjoern Bartling, and B. Douglas Bernheim